I present you my first online lesson

The video lesson is pre-recorded. It can be viewed any number of times and at any convenient time within access to the teaching material.

  • It has audio voice-over in the selected language

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Everything that will be discussed in this video is based on my personal experience and knowledge, which I have gained from various sources throughout my life..

How to choose the canvas

My point of view on choosing a canvas. Visual perception. Aesthetics. Few people think about it: the canvas is an important component of a successful result. First we perceive what is shown in the picture and color, then we look at the surface of the picture. I share my thoughts on how the type of exposure affects the viewer. What is the beauty of the paint layer and the surface of the canvas and their interaction with each other.


Sequential application of layers of different compositions. Canvas toning, white removal. What is it for? Why do artists do this?


What colors do I use for this portrait. Why do I use a glass palette?

The main stages of creating a painting

To create a masterpiece, you need to clearly understand in what order, what to do, and why. All stages of the sequence of creating a painting from start to finish.


I have tried many different brushes, and I’ve conducted an analysis of the behavior of the brush's hair on canvas. In this section, I show what brushes I used to paint with, and also introduce a new universal set of brushes.

The main part of the lesson

Contains a step by step process of painting a portrait. You will simultaneously see the mixing of paint and application to the canvas. The movement of the brush in the frame from the palette to the canvas, and vice versa. Explanation of highlights and full visualization

About mistakes

In this section, I talk about one unique mistake that is made - for a strange reason for me - even by competent, well-known artists. This mistake is elementary, and I schematically show what you need to watch out for during the process of working on a portrait.

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